My Little Alpha-Better

Letters are magically attractive. Their distinctive shapes, their unique sounds. And when gluing them together, they mean something! Right from the start, kids communicate to influence the world around them. Nature makes sure of that. Learning about letters and words gives a whole new awareness to that skill. And my kid just made her entry into this exciting new world.


Use Your Words Wisely

It all started when her 5 year old friend Belle, during ball playing, suddenly read out aloud the name on this ‘HEMA’ ball. My daughter looked at her wide-eyed, seriously impressed. From that moment she tells everybody that she can read. What a great way of using the power of words!

This morning, when I was typing on the PC she joined me and carefully started typing herself. I love to follow her natural interests and curiosity so we devised a ‘letterpuzzle’. Using cardboard from a wasted Hennis & Mauritz box, I cut a pile of rectangular pieces. On each piece I wrote a letter from the alphabet, both in upper and lower case. We then added a green edge to all vowels and a red edge to all consonants. Finally I made a little cardboard box to store all letters. We like to keep our house tidy.

It Is More About Curiosity
And Less About Learning

Now let the game begin. In turn we choose a word. One by one we call out the letters that make up the word and our daughter finds the corresponding letter. We put down the letters in the right order to make up the word. When it is my girls turn we help her a little with the letters that make up her word. As she gradually gets better, our help is increasingly turned down.