Monster Garland

“Today we will celebrate mommie’s birthday”, my daughter said this morning, “let’s decorate the house”. Although my girlfriend has her birthday in September, I liked the idea.

Spontaneity is Creativity’s Best Friend

At this point I needed to add some direction. My little one thinks everything can be and should be bought. Besides the fact that no shop is open at the moment, it is no fun either. So I suggested we make the garlands ourselves.

We were going to need some nice, coloured paper. Yes! But after a very short search – kids are just terrible finders – we had to conclude that none was around. From the corner of my eye I noticed the printer looking at us. We emptied its tray. Besides the paper you will need coloured markers, scissors, glue and some rope.

Every Cheap Item has
Great Creative Potential

With a marker I outlined the typical garland shapes: triangle, circle and square. On top of each shape I added some extra space which I could later fold around the rope. We then spontaneously started drawing, which quickly led to a troll story.

So this is what you see. There is a little troll, with her troll mom and pop. The last one only has one eye. And then there is grandmatroll, who has a huge splinter in her cheek. A troll cook. And finally a troll tractor. A garland with a proper story! Where do you find that?

Finally we cut the pieces out and glued them around the rope. Monster Garland Project finished!