A Bunk for our Baby

Our apartment has two rooms, one of which is a bedroom. When our daughter was baby-sized she slept with us in our bed. Now she is getting big, independent, and she needs her own space. So we decided to move her up, to create her a loft where she can reign over us from above.

Restriction Boosts Creativity

The only direction we could take for her bed, was up. She loved the idea immediately. A place of her own, her own palace. Yes, although we never stimulated princesses in any way, she was hooked to the theme the moment she went to kindergarten. To give her bed a royal feel, I painted her banister and stairs golden. And you guessed, all the other parts had to be pink. Of course there needed to be space for all her pet friends.

It took another week before I got started on the project. Everyday I did one part and after one week it was finished.

Sweetness comes
with Anticipation

It was a straightforward project to build. I started with a frame made of 2 x 3 beams and a ladder which would also serve as a support. I then bolted the frame to the wall and fixed the supporting ladder underneath. Using MDF wood I build a simple cabinet which I placed on top of the frame. The sides are made of the same MDF wood with the battens made of spruce. Once all in place I applied a basic wall paint from Flexa, plum colour. In total I spend just under 100 euros.