I was living the big life, sort of. Inhabiting a luxurious, all-comforts-included apartment. My daily commute was a Porsche 911 Carrera. When I felt a need, whether it was a flat white with freshly baked apple pie or a brand new iMac, I just went and bought it. I was living like a royal. And then the money dried up…

A few weeks later I was driving a rental van. In the back were my belongings. My destination was an anti-kraak (anti squatting??) house situated in a city I would never have visited voluntarily. Apprehension knotted up my stomach. I was not looking forward to arrive. Little did I know what impact my destination was going to have on me.

The city I came to live in is predominantly inhabited by people that use their hands to earn an income. Spread around are uncountable garages, workshops and little factories. These people are busy bees. Living among them woke up a sleeping desire within me to also use my hands as the main tool to create and to build.

Then one day an old friend opened one of her large hallway closets. What we were looking at was a big pile of long forgotten books, used bags, and stuff that should have been trashed years earlier. We unloaded the closet to find, leaning against the back of the cupboard, a very vintage-looking Raleigh road bike.

And it talked to me. In a flash I saw what I was going to make this bike look like. In my mind I saw a newly applied cherry paint sparkle in the sun, I could hear the jingle of a gold-coloured chain running on the cogs and I saw speed and agility with which this bike would traverse the city. My new passion was alight.

I started restoring and overhauling old roadbikes. Giving each bike a completely new and unique design. While at the same time honouring their vintage pedigree. Below you see the final examples of these special bikes. They are the last ones, as my bicycle passion has shifted into a new direction.

C U R R E N T L Y   O N   S A L E :

1982 Gazelle Champion Mondial

1983 Concorde Aquila

1985 Gazelle Champion Mondial AB

1987 Gazelle Champion Mondial Mixte

1980 Gazelle Champion Mondial

1989 Gazelle Champion Mondial

1978 Koga-Miyata Gent’s Racer